Production of TV commercials and still shoots
Production of TV
commercials and still shoots


Tigran Bezhanov
Is a director with extensive experience in the industry. He's established himself in the advertising business as a dedicated professional. Distinguished by his masterful skills in comedy and storytelling. And for the implementation of projects he prefers to lead them from start to finish, no detail escapes from his keen eye & creative mind. Tigran is the winner of Big Picture, Golden Drum, Red Apple & Effie Awards.

His impressive portfolio includes advertising films for the largest and most famous brands, such as McDonalds, Hasbro, Kozel, Sber & Beeline.
Yulia Alexandrovna Verdesie Pedreira is a director, screenwriter, and creative director. She graduated from the New York Film Academy with a degree in filmmaking in 2019 and from the Moscow School of Cinema in 2020.

Yulia has collaborated with Adidas, T-Bank, Pepsi, Nestle, and Yandex.
Julia Verdesie
DIMA SMOLIN is a director from Moscow. Dima possesses a wide range of skills in film and media content creation. He develops concepts and scripts, produces projects, and edits, and handles various post-production tasks (CG, sound design, colour correction). Dima is also skilled in cinematography and has a keen artistic sense.

Dima collaborated with Yandex, Miller, OKKO, Dewars and OneTwoTrip as part of advertising integrations with the ChSBMPTBNP project. Dima is also known as a music video director; he has worked with FavLav, KAZUSKOMA, RSAC, WE, LOVANDA and others artists.
Dima Smolin
Malik Zenger
Is a director and screenwriter from Kazakhstan. In 2012 Malik graduated from New York Film Academy where he studied film production. He's currently one of the most in demand filmmakers in Kazakhstan, where he continues to live and work. It's clear from his commercials how much Malik likes to use visual humor as much as dramatic manifestos. The director puts his skills into creating narrative commercials as well as dramatic and lyrical stories.

Malik worked with such clients as Coca-Cola, MasterCard, McDonalds, Kazakh banks and construction companies.
Was working as producer, only afterwards became a director & a visual artist. She has a lot of experience in art direction, which is reflected in her films. She considers modern art in all its manifestations as a source of inspiration. Sonya shot a short promotional film for a gallery & in her work you can see how fascinated she is by contemporary dance. She’s very good at documenting landscapes, as well as showing nature in her work in an insanely beautiful way.

Collaborated with such brands as Samsung and Xiaomi.
Sonya Dukhon
Zhenya Korchagin
Is a director with a huge experience in the advertising industry. In the distant past he came as a copywriter for a marketing company, then managed special projects. That's how his path to directing began. Zhenya loves creativity in all its forms. The director has a current classic showreel, he has created many humorous and lyrical commercials with children.

Currently, Zhenya has several full-length projects and series in development.
Vitalik Kurapov
Is a young director. Before entering the profession, he worked as a post-production producer for a long time. Vitalik has extensive experience with CGI, not only in advertising projects, but also in large films, such as Major Thunder, Crew. Many commercials director made exactly on his original ideas. So it is quite simple for him to lead the project from the creation of the idea to the final picture.

Vitalik likes to work with pharmacological segments, creating powerful and at the same time understandable videos for the viewer.
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